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Employee Safety Survey

Recently, Amerisure Insurance in cooperation with Market Probe, Inc. conducted a survey of Mader Southeast employees regarding their company’s commitment to construction safety.

Scores reflect the percent of respondents who gave a rating of 6 or 7 on a 7 point scale where 7 is "Strongly Agree" and 1 is "Strongly Disagree"

Management is concerned about my safety

  • National Average 75%
  • Mader Southeast 98%

Management encourages employees to report safety concerns

  • National Average 78%
  • Mader Southeast 100%

Safety procedures are regularly enforced by management

  • National Average 70%
  • Mader Southeast 98%

It is important to follow safety rules

  • National Average 94%
  • Mader Southeast 100%

I have been properly trained to perform my job safely

  • National Average 82%
  • Mader Southeast 98%

Protective equipment is provided when necessary

  • National Average 84%
  • Mader Southeast 100%